Valentine’s Round 4: Backwoods Road?

First Impressions: The road markings look like US or Canadian road markings. The camera is grainy though, so it’s probably somewhere off the beaten train. And it’s on a straight north-south axis. So maybe somewhere in Texas? Too many trees to be somewhere like Saskachewan, I think.


Adopt a Highway: I don’t recognise the signage as a standard adopt a highway sign. And unfortunately, the county name is a bit too blurry to read. Dang it. Issa-something? Makes me think of the Washington place names. Maybe it’s backwoods Washington. 2019-02-15_00h02_38.png


That looks like a US road sign at the back there. Again, too blurry to really see.



Day 2. That’s mildly surreal.



A lot of grainy, poorly lit road…at this point, I’m just looking for a better road.

I hate this road. And the further I go on it, the more I wonder if I’m in Australia. Australia is this grainy. Also, what the heck is the name of this river?



Junction 33?  I really hate the rounds where gathering clues just sucks because everything is too grainy. 😦



Ogilvie! Milaca! Mora! Do these sound Canadian? Australian? Texan?



47 and 23!




And as we turn onto the 23, everything gets nice and crisp! Whew!



That river is the Groundhouse River.


Alright, somewhere between Mora and Duluth! Woot! Duluth!



And we came from Anoka!


And we’re somewhere in the vicinity of the Ogilvie Raceway, host to the Topless Nationals. Whatever that means.


Now I just have to remember what state Duluth is in.  Minnesota, as it turns out, although I was racking my brain, thinking Iowa or Ohio or someplace like that.

And there’s Mora, Ogilvie, and Milaca all on the map. Oh and Day.


Putting us a bit south of Day and a bit south of the road before Day, and let’s give it a go.



And only 234 meters off. Whew.



The Return: Round 4

First Impressions:

I see burros, I see canyonland features, I see a sign saying Bright Angel Trail…I’m 90% certain we’re by the Grand Canyon. Could also be Canyonlands? I know there’s burros at the Grand Canyon though.

Check the buttes in the distance.


Looking Around:

Oh yeah, the red rock country of the American southwest. I love this land. And I’m right. It’s the Grand Canyon. Signboard says so.



At this point, I’m just ogling the rocks because I can.


I’ve still gotta figure out WHERE I am inside this park though.


Right now trying to scoot around and find a parking lot. Or a visitor’s center. Maybe the burros WERE the parking lot. HAHAHA.

Oh, yeah, that seems to be the case. After retracing my steps to the burros, I see a sign pointing towards the south rim by 4.5 miles. So I can avoid the Jacob Lake and North Rim areas.


So…the Blurry-ton Ranch is 5 miles thattaway and Plateau Point is blurry miles the other way.

If I go into the map, I can find the Bright Angel trailhead. So…poking around there.


If I follow Bright Angel trail up, I find where the trail splits to go off onto Plateau Point and Tonto Trails. And I see a visitor information station and a mini campground.

Making my guess.


Boo yeah.


The Return: Round Three

First Impressions: FORESTY!

Okay, a round where I don’t know in the first thirty seconds where I am. But I haven’t looked around yet, so who knows. I see a forest and some rails and paths. The trees are tall and piney. There’s the hint of a building to the right. I can’t see enough architecture to say what kind of building. It has a sort of California feel to me.


Looking Around

The boulders definitely look like giant California style boulders. Could also be anywhere in the western US, I think. Colorado too. But I’m still feeling the California vibe.




And a sculptor’s studio. Makes me think of how Yosemite has those artists residencies. A lot of national parks do though, I think.

Well…I guess I should have thought more about the national park most likely to have a sculptor.


That’s right, we’re at Mt. Rushmore. Which is in South Dakota if I recall correctly.

So now I have to go scooting around the trail to figure out where at the visitors center I am. I back track until I find the amphitheatre. Which surprisingly features an older shot with the amphitheatre empty and covered in snow and obscuring the mountain. Cool.


I then retrace my way back along the trail and try to match the squiggles and turns…and I think I’ll go with this.


Close enough. A bit bummed to not continue the perfect score, especially considering the EASE of locating where I am. But still.


Week 3, Round 3: A Whole Lot of Matchstick Trees

First impression: Here we are in the woods. Could be Norway–we’ve had a lot of Scandinavia lately, but I’m gonna guess Canada this time. The foliage seems like young growth forest. I don’t see any structures to give me clues.


Looking around: My impression of wild woodlands dissipates, as I see a road fork to the west, while the east seems to hint at the edges of fields. It’s the sort of scenery I could imagine in parts of North Carolina or maybe a state further inland, like Ohio or Indiana. If we wanted to stick with Canada, it could still be Manitoba or parts of Quebec. The road markings don’t look European.


Heading eastward: I’m going to head eastward as there are signs and more clear signs of structures.

The forest looks PLANTED, which adds to the young growth impression. Seriously, that looks planted right? Trees growing in rows.


Yeah, we gotta be in the US somewhere. I can’t tell where from this sign, although I think that Franklin Goldwire might be a Chairman At Large? He certainly had aspirations anyway.


My structures didn’t pan out. They turned out to be stationary 18 wheeler beds or shipping containers. Scooting on down the road.

Here we are at the Clyd-Kildare and Clyd-Shanwee intersection. We came from Clyd-Shawnee, which also happens to be County Road 64.


I definitely feel like we are in the South (of the US) somewhere, honestly. No sidewalks, huge rolling lawns, trees that look vaguely threadbare and mossy at the same time, tractors!


Well, Wendell Kessler is going to throw down against Franklin Goldwire. One-upping Goldwire’s sign with a larger, red one that advertises Kessler’s desire to be the County Commission Chairman. There can be only ONE!!!!!

(And in the case where there are multiple chairmen, they rumble in the city hall parking lot, wielding gavels like switchblades.)

We won’t even mention Mr. or Ms. Anderson’s sign. It’s scarcely worth mentioning.


Well, it looks like Franklin Goldwire got the message about Wendell Kessler’s larger sign, because further down the road is a larger Goldwire sign. Take that, Kessler!


(These dudes are probably friends in real life and meet every Thursday to play poker down at the firehouse with Ladder 7. That’s my secondary brain canon.)

We pass a sign for the Mt. Zion Holy Church. The problem with church names is you don’t know if they named it for the town, or for some more pious reference.


The county chairman position so hotly contended for by Messieurs Goldwire and Kessler is in Effingham County, as it turns out. Too bad, I still don’t know what state.


We are by the Mizpah United Methodist Church. Definitely feeling Southern here.


Kessler and Goldwire are duking it out for attention at this intersection. Their signs are tense with aggression.


Oooo, a divided highway! These are usually good for divulging road numbers and the like.


And the clue needed: A gas station saying Tommy’s, Kildare, GA. Thank you, Tommy’s!


And a highway number! Georgia 21!


Found the 21 on the map.


And zoomed in, I found the Clyd-Shawnee road!!! Only it’s the Clyo-Shawnee road and it connects to a little town called Clyo. I can see where it connected to the Clyo-Kildare road. At times like this, I can see that if I had just turned the other direction coming out of my first intersection, I would have directly run into Clyo and probably figured out where I was much quicker. Whoops.


Now back to the beginning to pin down our starting spot via angle of the road and what we can see.

25.5 meters! Not bad.


I should have been telling you about the last few places we visited, but I did them super late night and was tired and forgot. Here’s what I can dig up on Clyo, now that I’ve made my guess: NUFFINK!!! It has some Zillow entries but not even a Wikipedia entry saying, Clyo, Town in Effington County, Georgia, population 126. (I don’t know.  I’m guessing. Clyo City Elders, get on that! Wikipedia that!)

I regret to say that Franklin Goldwire seems to have lost the battle for Commissioner At Large. Wendell Kessler’s larger, redder sign seems to have done the trick, as Kessler is listed as Chairman at Large here.