The Return: Round 4

First Impressions:

I see burros, I see canyonland features, I see a sign saying Bright Angel Trail…I’m 90% certain we’re by the Grand Canyon. Could also be Canyonlands? I know there’s burros at the Grand Canyon though.

Check the buttes in the distance.


Looking Around:

Oh yeah, the red rock country of the American southwest. I love this land. And I’m right. It’s the Grand Canyon. Signboard says so.



At this point, I’m just ogling the rocks because I can.


I’ve still gotta figure out WHERE I am inside this park though.


Right now trying to scoot around and find a parking lot. Or a visitor’s center. Maybe the burros WERE the parking lot. HAHAHA.

Oh, yeah, that seems to be the case. After retracing my steps to the burros, I see a sign pointing towards the south rim by 4.5 miles. So I can avoid the Jacob Lake and North Rim areas.


So…the Blurry-ton Ranch is 5 miles thattaway and Plateau Point is blurry miles the other way.

If I go into the map, I can find the Bright Angel trailhead. So…poking around there.


If I follow Bright Angel trail up, I find where the trail splits to go off onto Plateau Point and Tonto Trails. And I see a visitor information station and a mini campground.

Making my guess.


Boo yeah.