The Return: Round Three

First Impressions: FORESTY!

Okay, a round where I don’t know in the first thirty seconds where I am. But I haven’t looked around yet, so who knows. I see a forest and some rails and paths. The trees are tall and piney. There’s the hint of a building to the right. I can’t see enough architecture to say what kind of building. It has a sort of California feel to me.


Looking Around

The boulders definitely look like giant California style boulders. Could also be anywhere in the western US, I think. Colorado too. But I’m still feeling the California vibe.




And a sculptor’s studio. Makes me think of how Yosemite has those artists residencies. A lot of national parks do though, I think.

Well…I guess I should have thought more about the national park most likely to have a sculptor.


That’s right, we’re at Mt. Rushmore. Which is in South Dakota if I recall correctly.

So now I have to go scooting around the trail to figure out where at the visitors center I am. I back track until I find the amphitheatre. Which surprisingly features an older shot with the amphitheatre empty and covered in snow and obscuring the mountain. Cool.


I then retrace my way back along the trail and try to match the squiggles and turns…and I think I’ll go with this.


Close enough. A bit bummed to not continue the perfect score, especially considering the EASE of locating where I am. But still.