The Return: Round 02

The problem with playing a Famous Places round is that…I mean, these are famous places. If you don’t know where they are….I guess, maybe you should learn more about the world?

I’m not even going to bother with First Impressions. We’re at the Kremlin and I think that’s St. Basil’s. In Russia.


Now I just have to figure out where in relationship to the Kremlin I am. Besides in their car park.

Mostly it looks like I’m lining up where I am based on the protrusions of St. Basils.


Looks like the mapped road marks the extants of the car park. So I’m not EXACTLY on the spot. But still close enough to earn a perfect 5000.


This feels oddly anti-climatic for my big return to GeoGuessr. Hrm.



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