Round 1: Return

First of all, Geoguessr has really changed a LOT since I last played. Now they have an ad-supported version and an ad-free version. I’ll probably pop for the pro version because I’ve derived so much joy from this game.

One of the new features is the ability to create maps that other folks can play, and one of the featured map sets is a Famous Places set of maps. I figure I haven’t played in a while, might be a bit rusty, and could use a quicker, more relaxing game. Oh, yeah, did I mention I’d had a kid since last playing? Time is at a premium.

But back to the start…

First Impressions:


We’re somewhere in the US. NPS – National Park Service. And that row of little American flags in the background. I’m amused by the kid wearing the Captain America shirt in the background there.

And since I see a tall pointy thing and a buncha buses, I’m wondering, could that be the Washington Monument, which is a very famous thing. Let’s angle around and see.



God. This is too damn easy. This is the first time I’ve pretty much had a map tell me WHERE I AM. Look at this You Are Here Marker on this map of the National Mall.


This is ridiculously easy.


Like…is this even a game at this point?


I’d like to state for the record that I’ve gotten Spot On before this new fancy version of GeoGuessr and I’ve done it in places like Alaska and Russia and Australia. Without a map.

Okay. Well. Onto the next Famous Place, I guess.


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