The Return: Round 5

First Impressions:

Another place I don’t know right off the bat, but which reminds me of Europe. I’m basing this on the elongated van, the building style, and the few people I can see. I can’t read any of the signs yet and I haven’t looked around. I can kinda see a flag on the building but I can’t really tell what it looks like.

If I had to guess, I’d say Austria?



Looking around I see some obelisks and some towers. Still no clue where I am. Maybe somewhere in the Czech Republic. Wow. A Famous Place I do not immediately know on sight. Sweet. Still probably gonna be easier though because urban places usually are. And famous places seem to come with placards and maps.



Well, in a turn-up for the books, I’m in one of those spots that has NO handles. No where to scoot around to. This is frustrating because I can see the bits of world just beyond and now I’m feeling humbled because I DON’T recognise this famous spot.

A sign that says MUZE something?


Some rugs? And the towers …look familiar? Maybe the towers of the Hagia Sofia?


Checking the map and there’s a lot of Muzesis in Istanbul.


Now maybe I should look until I find the obelisks?

I found this configuration. and I think that the dikilita might be the obelisks?


Okay, not bad.

Although I STILL think that this might have glitched because when I zoomed in on the GeoGuessr map, I didnt’ see the obelisks. Since I’m on my final round and have made my guess, I’m now gonna look up and see if the game did, in fact, glitch.


The game DID glitch. BOO YEAH.


One final note: These are not the towers of the Hagia Sofia but rather a nearby palace.




The Return: Round 4

First Impressions:

I see burros, I see canyonland features, I see a sign saying Bright Angel Trail…I’m 90% certain we’re by the Grand Canyon. Could also be Canyonlands? I know there’s burros at the Grand Canyon though.

Check the buttes in the distance.


Looking Around:

Oh yeah, the red rock country of the American southwest. I love this land. And I’m right. It’s the Grand Canyon. Signboard says so.



At this point, I’m just ogling the rocks because I can.


I’ve still gotta figure out WHERE I am inside this park though.


Right now trying to scoot around and find a parking lot. Or a visitor’s center. Maybe the burros WERE the parking lot. HAHAHA.

Oh, yeah, that seems to be the case. After retracing my steps to the burros, I see a sign pointing towards the south rim by 4.5 miles. So I can avoid the Jacob Lake and North Rim areas.


So…the Blurry-ton Ranch is 5 miles thattaway and Plateau Point is blurry miles the other way.

If I go into the map, I can find the Bright Angel trailhead. So…poking around there.


If I follow Bright Angel trail up, I find where the trail splits to go off onto Plateau Point and Tonto Trails. And I see a visitor information station and a mini campground.

Making my guess.


Boo yeah.


The Return: Round Three

First Impressions: FORESTY!

Okay, a round where I don’t know in the first thirty seconds where I am. But I haven’t looked around yet, so who knows. I see a forest and some rails and paths. The trees are tall and piney. There’s the hint of a building to the right. I can’t see enough architecture to say what kind of building. It has a sort of California feel to me.


Looking Around

The boulders definitely look like giant California style boulders. Could also be anywhere in the western US, I think. Colorado too. But I’m still feeling the California vibe.




And a sculptor’s studio. Makes me think of how Yosemite has those artists residencies. A lot of national parks do though, I think.

Well…I guess I should have thought more about the national park most likely to have a sculptor.


That’s right, we’re at Mt. Rushmore. Which is in South Dakota if I recall correctly.

So now I have to go scooting around the trail to figure out where at the visitors center I am. I back track until I find the amphitheatre. Which surprisingly features an older shot with the amphitheatre empty and covered in snow and obscuring the mountain. Cool.


I then retrace my way back along the trail and try to match the squiggles and turns…and I think I’ll go with this.


Close enough. A bit bummed to not continue the perfect score, especially considering the EASE of locating where I am. But still.


The Return: Round 02

The problem with playing a Famous Places round is that…I mean, these are famous places. If you don’t know where they are….I guess, maybe you should learn more about the world?

I’m not even going to bother with First Impressions. We’re at the Kremlin and I think that’s St. Basil’s. In Russia.


Now I just have to figure out where in relationship to the Kremlin I am. Besides in their car park.

Mostly it looks like I’m lining up where I am based on the protrusions of St. Basils.


Looks like the mapped road marks the extants of the car park. So I’m not EXACTLY on the spot. But still close enough to earn a perfect 5000.


This feels oddly anti-climatic for my big return to GeoGuessr. Hrm.


Round 1: Return

First of all, Geoguessr has really changed a LOT since I last played. Now they have an ad-supported version and an ad-free version. I’ll probably pop for the pro version because I’ve derived so much joy from this game.

One of the new features is the ability to create maps that other folks can play, and one of the featured map sets is a Famous Places set of maps. I figure I haven’t played in a while, might be a bit rusty, and could use a quicker, more relaxing game. Oh, yeah, did I mention I’d had a kid since last playing? Time is at a premium.

But back to the start…

First Impressions:


We’re somewhere in the US. NPS – National Park Service. And that row of little American flags in the background. I’m amused by the kid wearing the Captain America shirt in the background there.

And since I see a tall pointy thing and a buncha buses, I’m wondering, could that be the Washington Monument, which is a very famous thing. Let’s angle around and see.



God. This is too damn easy. This is the first time I’ve pretty much had a map tell me WHERE I AM. Look at this You Are Here Marker on this map of the National Mall.


This is ridiculously easy.


Like…is this even a game at this point?


I’d like to state for the record that I’ve gotten Spot On before this new fancy version of GeoGuessr and I’ve done it in places like Alaska and Russia and Australia. Without a map.

Okay. Well. Onto the next Famous Place, I guess.