Week Nine, Round 4: The Forest At The Top of the World

First Impressions: Russia or Scandinavia. There are blue road signs in the distance. The multitude of trees reminds me of Scandinavia but the road reminds me of Russia.


Looking around: Behind us was either clear cut or suffered in a forest fire, which I feel are North American ailments. (Not unheard of elsewhere, but this is how my brain associates things.) And the road markings seem to indicate right-lane drivers. Until I get a gander at those road signs, not a lot will be conclusive.


Heading north: I don’t actually like heading North. Particularly if I think I’m Russia, Scandinavia, or Canada. It feels counter-intuitive to head AWAY from signs of settlements. But I started in this direction because it seems downhill too. And it was the direction of the first visible signs. Which turned out to read P. This is not enough to indicate anything yet again. (I’d like to say it indicated English, but the Russians have a Cyrillic letter which matches the P-shape.) Also the dotted line on the edge is different than MOST North American edges which are solid.


Definitely ruling out North America. The shape of this van and the elongated license plate scream European to me.


And the first structure we see turns out to be a red house with white trim. Very very Scandinavian.


We are outside Vormtrask.


The road appears to be their 365.


Sometimes, very occasionally, I’ve seen Swedish folks hang flags outside their houses, but mostly Scandinavian folks don’t seem to. IF this were the States, somebody would have stuck a flag SOMEWHERE on that lawn indicated their USianosity.


I hope those are reindeer. Alas, the Google car doesn’t seem to have a better close up.



Loving how this beam of light splits through the trees.


Holy COW! Are we near Norsjo? Because a few months back my husband and I made a bet that we’d plan a trip next year to somewhere I picked on GeoGuessr and the first place it sent me was Norjso. I’m going to crack up if it’s the same Norjso.


I think it has to be the same Norsjo because I remember Lycksele! Wow, this is kinda awesome, although unfair for folks following along who don’t know about the Norjso thing. 🙂

So now I need to find the 365 nestled somewhere between Norjso and Lycksele and nearby Vormstrask. Okie dokie. I have most of the info, but I do need to nail down a few more things to properly triangulate where we are. Are we closer to Lycksele or closer to Norjso?


When tracking down Nordsjo I ended up in Skelleftea before sorting out where I was. 🙂

Looks like Lidtrask is 7 KM away. *notes that*


And Forshom, Amberg, and Granliden all lie down this track. Okay, that should help me nail it down further. Checking map.


No sign of those three spots, but while trailing back, I found Vormtrask! And then I traced my way from Vormtrask back to what I think is the approximate starting position and just to double-check I went looking for the 363 junction with Umea and Rucksele.


Been up and down this track twice and found two spots it could be. Gonna pick one.

And 16.9 M! Whew!



As it turns out our plans to hit Norjso were formulated just before this blog started, I think. It’s the birthplace of Swedish writer Torgny Lindgren. Norsjoalso plays a part in the Stieg Larsson novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. This information, as usual, via Wikipedia.

I’m kinda pleased at the synchronicity of it. 🙂


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