Week Nine, Round 5: Bushlands

First Impression: We are in a scrubby plane that isn’t quite desert, is lush in a very particular way, but seems to invite comparisons with the old West. What kind of ecosystem is that? Maybe it is still desert, just not sand-dunesy desert. I feel like we are in Australia, South Africa, or maybe the central part of South America.


Looking around: More of the same. I’m trying to decide if I want to go south, and crest the inviting low rise in the road or head north. If we are in Australia, heading north seems like a bad idea most of the time.The light and road seem crisper than backcountry Australia usually gets so I’m tending more towards South Africa or South America.


This sign reads GREAT SOUTHERN and something something Plunkett Plantation. Doesn’t sound Afrikaans, doesn’t look like the USian South. Does Plunkett Plantation sound Australian?


Next up Bluff Creek RD. I’m DEFINITELY inclined towards Australia. Reads like their street signs I’ve seen in previous rounds.


And suddenly, we veer into OLD GOOGLE CAMERA TERRITORY. BOO! At least I can read the A55 sign that shows which road we are on.

I’m going to head just a little further south to see if the camera ever clears up, but if it doesn’t, then I’m heading back northish.


Actually the camera keeps jiggling back and forth between old and new. Guess we’ll stick it out for now. Cars driving on the left, btw.

I think this is a sign for Watchnicup Downs?


Cheynes Beach Tree Farm and Integrated Tree Cropping.


And Jerramungup, a name which pretty much guarantees Australia, is about 130 kilometers behind us, while Albany and Wellstead neatly bracket us by 50 kilometers. Along with the road name, I wonder if I have enough to open the map.



Turns out that THAT is indeed ENOUGH to find our approximate location on the map. Albany, as it turns out, is big enough that when I skirted the bottom side of Australia off the coast, it popped up, and from there, it was easy to find Wellstead, Cheynes, and the distinctive Jerramungup.


I scooched back along the highway and found Bluff Creek Road. Now I just need to figure out how close Bluff Creek is to my start.


I head northish and find Drawbin road. It’s a fair way past the same distance that it took me to get to Bluff Cliff, so I decide I must be about 1/3 of the way to Bluff Cliff and 2/3rds of the way to Drawbin.


And here we go!


109 meters, which isn’t bad, considering I’m estimating on a straight stretch of Australia highway. And it’s enough to give me 5000 points, which means I think I have my first perfect score since starting this blog! YAY!



Cheyne’s Beach, it turns out, has been the site of a shark attack that killed a 17 year old boy who was spear fishing. It does look really pretty though, so if you visit, just be cautious. There’s dolphins and whales to be see there too.

And the place that I thought was Watchinicup was actually Waychincup National Park.

Well, that’s it for this week! Whee!


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