Week 6, Round 3: Dirt Roads, Back Country

First impressions: A backcountry road, on the edge of some farmland, but nothing super developed. The fields, if that’s what they are, lie in the distance. Everything has the slightly baked late summer feel, so either we ARE in late summer, or we are somewhere where the water starts to get less lavish weather-wise. For the sake of guessing, I’ll say Texas.


Looking around: Not much alters the original impression. Grass, livestock, telephone wires. A car in the distance.

2015-04-18_20h38_18 2015-04-18_20h38_12 2015-04-18_20h37_29

We are somewhere English speaking and the only thing giving me pause in feeling like this is North America is the use of the word caravan instead of camper or RV. So…could be Australia, maybe Canada, or just super old timey Texas.


Here we have a sign that says Watchett (or maybe Matchett) Lane, I think. Because it’s white, has an arrow on it, and isn’t green, I’m even more inclined to think I’m outside of North America.

Got it. We’re in Australia. And in a mining section. Mining is a pretty big industry there, I’m told. I think the richest lady in Australia is this extremely conservative hardliner lady who owns a bazillion mines or somefing like that.
We pass a Fraser Lane. I take note.

And more things named Clermont. Clermont Club. BP Clermont. You might almost think we were somewhere called Clermont.

And it looks like we’re on or near the Central Highlands Tourist Route (8!) near the Copperfield Historic area and the Theresa Creek Dam. Yay for landmarks.


So we’re on the A7 (I think–that part is blurry) and Capella, Emerald, and St. George are all on route too.


And the 70! This sign is a wealth of information.


Okay, I think we might have enough to check the map.

I’ve found two of the cities named on my map, as well as the 70 and the A7! Sweet. Turns out we’re not far out from Gladstone–a place I visited in Geoguessr before I started the blog. I’ve been in this part of Australia about three times now.

Found the BP on the road and the BP the map.


Traced the road back down and made a guesstimate.

313.4 m!

Not too bad for a road in Australia where my landmarks are dusty maybe marked roads that don’t appear on the map and a few cows.

Clermont, a mining hub, appears to have been the site of another disaster. Apparently 65 people were killed in a flood in 1916. There were a few signs along the road warning of flooding but I didn’t pay them strict attention. Guess I should have.


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