Valentine’s Round 5: California or Italy?

First Impressions: The buildings I can see intrigue me. The red roof on one of them makes me wonder what influences I’m seeing. But the nearer building looks more like a modern resort hotel.

The land looks scrubby and dry. Could be middle of California or maybe Mediterranean. Let’s look around.


Another red roof.




And this place, with a fanciful turret.



The road is hard to navigate. And it appears I’m in my second loop of this series of rounds. The background looks like terraced hills, so I’m wondering if the Mediterranean thing isn’t the case after all. Could I be in a dryer region in China?

It’s getting late and I need to wrap up and go to bed. Shall I make another wild guess? Sorry this round feels so spotty.




Should have guessed India again. Well…that’s two India rounds this time. (They didn’t used to be part of the set, last time I played, so that’s a new set of things to keep in mind.)


Valentine’s Round 4: Backwoods Road?

First Impressions: The road markings look like US or Canadian road markings. The camera is grainy though, so it’s probably somewhere off the beaten train. And it’s on a straight north-south axis. So maybe somewhere in Texas? Too many trees to be somewhere like Saskachewan, I think.


Adopt a Highway: I don’t recognise the signage as a standard adopt a highway sign. And unfortunately, the county name is a bit too blurry to read. Dang it. Issa-something? Makes me think of the Washington place names. Maybe it’s backwoods Washington. 2019-02-15_00h02_38.png


That looks like a US road sign at the back there. Again, too blurry to really see.



Day 2. That’s mildly surreal.



A lot of grainy, poorly lit road…at this point, I’m just looking for a better road.

I hate this road. And the further I go on it, the more I wonder if I’m in Australia. Australia is this grainy. Also, what the heck is the name of this river?



Junction 33?  I really hate the rounds where gathering clues just sucks because everything is too grainy. 😦



Ogilvie! Milaca! Mora! Do these sound Canadian? Australian? Texan?



47 and 23!




And as we turn onto the 23, everything gets nice and crisp! Whew!



That river is the Groundhouse River.


Alright, somewhere between Mora and Duluth! Woot! Duluth!



And we came from Anoka!


And we’re somewhere in the vicinity of the Ogilvie Raceway, host to the Topless Nationals. Whatever that means.


Now I just have to remember what state Duluth is in.  Minnesota, as it turns out, although I was racking my brain, thinking Iowa or Ohio or someplace like that.

And there’s Mora, Ogilvie, and Milaca all on the map. Oh and Day.


Putting us a bit south of Day and a bit south of the road before Day, and let’s give it a go.



And only 234 meters off. Whew.


Valentine’s Edition, Round 3: A Dusty Road

First Impressions: Somewhere dry and dusty, at the tail end of the summer. I see a figure walking on the road, but it’s too far to actually see what they’re wearing. The land is green enough over all that I don’t necessarily twig to any single locale. It’s flat. A line of trees across the horizon. Could be Texas. Could be Brazil. Could be a particularly dry part of England or France? Maybe Australia? Who knows. Wide open so far.



Turning Around: Well, THAT changes things. I think I’m by a tiger habitat or park. So…SE Asia?  The license plate is a kind I’ve never seen before, and there’s big leaf palms.


But I can’t actually proceed INTO said tiger preserve, so I’m forced to move onward to figure out where we are.

And this is destined to be a short round, because as it turns out, I can’t proceed much further forward either. I pretty much have to go off of the super elongated license plate, the tiger illustration, the architecture, and possible what might be maps in the back? There’ve got to be tigers and there’ve got to be palms, but…wow.

I’ve never been to Brunei and the coast line at the top mirrors the shape of the potential map thing in the background? What do you say? Maybe Indonesia? This is going to be a WILD guess.




Well, that was way off. I should have gone with India. And there’s my score, shot for this round, by a cranky map that only has a handful of identifying features and no way to traverse.









Valentine’s Edition, Round 2: South America

First Impressions: Definitely South America. But where? Mexico? Brazil? Peru? We’ll find out.


Looking Back: We’re in a somewhat urban environment. Be it a medium sized town, or the outskirts of a larger city, we’ve still yet to find out. But there seems to be a fair amount of commercial infrastructure present. I’m curious about the shredded sign and to see what the gas station signs say.



We’re on Fco. I Madero and V. Guerrero. Okay. Noted. And the phone box mentions Tel Mex. So I’m thinking Mexico. The stickers on the street signs say Salinas.


Turning left, there’s signs of a fairly busy thoroughfare. And maybe a cross road or freeway in the distance. Heading over to see what I can see.



There’s an AutoZone and what looks like a Bridgestone in the background. I guess I didn’t know that those brands continued to the south.


And a Ford Rio Bravo dealership. Across the street, there’s a Chevrolet Rio Bravo.


I don’t see a school district name painted on the bus though.


I am wondering if this is a political sign. (One of my rules is that I can’t google during a round. But I might check afterwards to see if my hunch is right.)



So…here’s a garbage truck with Rio Bravo emblazoned on the side and Trabajamos making another appearance. So I’m inclined to think that one of these is the town and one the region. Shall I poke around in the map?


I don’t see either of these on the map, but I do see Tamaulipas…which I think I saw in that first screen. So I’ll zoom in on that region and see what I find.


Nada so far. But Rio Bravo. Maybe there’s a river called that?


Aha! Rio Bravo is up by the US border. Close to McAllen and Brownville.


And there’s Avenue Francesco I Medero. So now to find V Guerrero and triangulate the direction. I think I got it, based on relative positioning of buildings.


5.4 meters. 5000! Go me!



Valentine’s Edition, Round 1: Sweden or Canada?

First Impressions: I’m always so inclined to think that any place with red houses with white trim is somewhere in Scandinavia. And if I’m pressed, I think that’s where we are. But a tiny part of me did think North America, based on the trees. I don’t know why. Not the US, because there’d likely be a flag hanging off that porch, were it the US.

But really, Canada’s only my second guess to keep this interesting. Because honestly, that whole landscape screams Scandinavia, right? Also, look at those dotted lines edging the road.



Looking Around: I feel a smidge of hesitation, because the reverse view doesn’t look any different than rural Canada. And nary a red and white building in sight.


Proceeding North: Plenty of red and white buildings. But little in the way of clues to tell me that this is anywhere specific. The electric poles look fairly generic.  No good glimpses of license plate shapes. No flags hanging off porches yet. There’s a big electric tower in the distance though.



Unfamiliar Shapes: The shape of the electric tower doesn’t seem like a North American shape. And that road sign leaves some question. European road signs often have the coming and going on both sides, with the name of the town you’re exiting crossed out. This sign is empty on the back. But let’s see what it says on the front.


Definitely Scandinavian: Gargnas with an umlaut over the A. Gargnäs. Swedish or Norwegian?


The Wisest Direction? Heading north, there are trees and more trees. Is heading North really a good idea when trying to triangulate where in Scandinavia I am?  Well, at least there’s another sign: Aha 23.



A Bridge Too Far? I find a little bridge, and then, shortly after that, my road runs out. Well, it doesn’t run out, but the Google car goes no further. Time to turn around and explore the southerly route.



A Crop of Red Farmhouses: South takes us by dozens of the quintessential Scandinavian farm houses. And to the west, a body of water. A river? A long lake? Not sure yet.  What I’m looking for now, is a secondary marker. A road sign telling me major road name. Or perhaps another town to triangulate with Aha and Gargnas. Onward.




Oh, good! A crossroads!





So, we’re looking for Staggtrask, Gargbro, and Gransgard. Okay then. And it might be on a route marked 93, or at the 93rd kilometer. Inclined to think Sweden now.  We’ve got a haloed A on the signs.  Maybe if I can find one more crossroads or road sign, that will give us even more to go off of.

A Second Set of Crossroads: And here we go. Sorsele 46. And a schwackload of Distrikt signs and maps. Let’s look closer.


Vindelalven. Is that a header about fishing? I see a sign pointing out the Typiska Fiskarter, which seems to be typical fish species? There’s a map too, but it’s kind of hard to see properly.


I’m reminded of Lycksele, a place I’ve ended up outside of several times here on Geoguessr. Sorsele has the same suffix, which inclines me to start checking the map near Lycksele. Bingo! Northwest of Lycksele!


Zooming in, I see Gargnas on the map. So now just to pinpoint my probable starting spot.


As I see it, I’m looking for a stretch of road outside Gargnas which is largely north-south, and has a little bridge and looks less travelled. Hrm. This might do.



621 meters down the road. Not bad. Off to a good start.





The Return: Round 5

First Impressions:

Another place I don’t know right off the bat, but which reminds me of Europe. I’m basing this on the elongated van, the building style, and the few people I can see. I can’t read any of the signs yet and I haven’t looked around. I can kinda see a flag on the building but I can’t really tell what it looks like.

If I had to guess, I’d say Austria?



Looking around I see some obelisks and some towers. Still no clue where I am. Maybe somewhere in the Czech Republic. Wow. A Famous Place I do not immediately know on sight. Sweet. Still probably gonna be easier though because urban places usually are. And famous places seem to come with placards and maps.



Well, in a turn-up for the books, I’m in one of those spots that has NO handles. No where to scoot around to. This is frustrating because I can see the bits of world just beyond and now I’m feeling humbled because I DON’T recognise this famous spot.

A sign that says MUZE something?


Some rugs? And the towers …look familiar? Maybe the towers of the Hagia Sofia?


Checking the map and there’s a lot of Muzesis in Istanbul.


Now maybe I should look until I find the obelisks?

I found this configuration. and I think that the dikilita might be the obelisks?


Okay, not bad.

Although I STILL think that this might have glitched because when I zoomed in on the GeoGuessr map, I didnt’ see the obelisks. Since I’m on my final round and have made my guess, I’m now gonna look up and see if the game did, in fact, glitch.


The game DID glitch. BOO YEAH.


One final note: These are not the towers of the Hagia Sofia but rather a nearby palace.



The Return: Round 4

First Impressions:

I see burros, I see canyonland features, I see a sign saying Bright Angel Trail…I’m 90% certain we’re by the Grand Canyon. Could also be Canyonlands? I know there’s burros at the Grand Canyon though.

Check the buttes in the distance.


Looking Around:

Oh yeah, the red rock country of the American southwest. I love this land. And I’m right. It’s the Grand Canyon. Signboard says so.



At this point, I’m just ogling the rocks because I can.


I’ve still gotta figure out WHERE I am inside this park though.


Right now trying to scoot around and find a parking lot. Or a visitor’s center. Maybe the burros WERE the parking lot. HAHAHA.

Oh, yeah, that seems to be the case. After retracing my steps to the burros, I see a sign pointing towards the south rim by 4.5 miles. So I can avoid the Jacob Lake and North Rim areas.


So…the Blurry-ton Ranch is 5 miles thattaway and Plateau Point is blurry miles the other way.

If I go into the map, I can find the Bright Angel trailhead. So…poking around there.


If I follow Bright Angel trail up, I find where the trail splits to go off onto Plateau Point and Tonto Trails. And I see a visitor information station and a mini campground.

Making my guess.


Boo yeah.